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Name:A Jack Carter and Nathan Stark Slash Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fan fiction, icons, graphics, etc for Jack Carter/Nathan Stark from the tv show Eureka
Welcome to [community profile] carter_stark, a Jack Carter and Nathan Stark slash community! Here you can find and post fan fiction, graphics, icons, or whatever else as long as it involves Jack/Nathan.

The "Rules"

* All fan fiction and images should be placed behind a lj-cut.

* Please format all fan fiction/videos with the following.

Rating: (i.e. PG, NC17)
Word Count:

* Please tag your entries for easier archiving. Remember, this makes it easier and quicker for all of us find your stories/artwork.

* You can post fic recommendations but be sure to use a lj-cut and appropriate spoiler warnings.

* You can also make requests the find stories or ask for recommendations but again, please use spoiler warnings and a lj-cut when appropriate.

* You can promote other Eureka communities, RPG's, fanzines, and websites.

* Remember, this is a Jack/Nathan community! Other pairings are allowed as long as Jack and Nathan are the prominent pairing.

* No flaming or spamming. You will be banned if you have to be warned multiple times.

* This is a somewhat relaxed community so have FUN and enjoy the pretty boys!! XD
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